Working for you. Working for your farm.

Your success is dependent on your farm or agribusiness operating smoothly.  When something unexpected goes amiss, being down for just a couple of days can throw things off course.  Being down for a significant period of time can put you out of business. 

The wind storm that hit Canterbury on the night of 10-11 September 2013 is a good example of this.  It was the worst storm in 40 years.  It damaged more than 800 irrigators in the region at a crucial time, just as the milking season got underway. 28,000 South Island homes left without power after the storm. 

On hearing about the storm one of our Christchurch-based Crombie Lockwood brokers took immediate action to visit all his clients to establish if they needed any claims assistance.  On each affected client’s farm, he took pictures on his phone of the completed claim form and the damage and emailed them through to the Crombie Lockwood claims team for immediate action.

With parts for the irrigators having to be imported from the US and all the repair work involved, there was risk that farms could be out of action for up to four months. However, most clients were back in operation within a week of the storm thanks to our specialist’s attention. 

Having a broker that understands your daily activities and your whole business is the best and only advocate you should have.

Our rural specialists understand the risks and challenges you face, as an agribusiness or farm owner operator, are very different to those in the main centres of NZ.  We take the time to get up close and learn the specifics about your business which enables us to give meaningful advice and recommend relevant solutions which will work for you when you need them to.

At Crombie Lockwood our Rural Specialists:

  • Will work directly with you to protect the things that matter most to you, your family, your staff, your future
  • Are local and accessible – we are there when you need us, on the farm or on the phone
  • Have access to unique product solutions, for your benefit
  • Act in your best interests at all times, but importantly at claim time to ensure that you are treated fairly.

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