Business insurance

You don’t plan for things to go wrong in your business. But you should plan for the risk that something outside of your control might go wrong. Fortunately, it’s easy with business insurance from Crombie Lockwood.

Our business insurance experts can work with you to identify the risks you’re exposed to in your particular business and design an insurance package to meet your needs cost-effectively. Chances are we have already worked with other clients in your industry or with similar business profiles.

In addition, our market scale and relationships means we can negotiate excellent terms for you, often with our own policy wordings to give you extra protection.

Comprehensive range of business insurances

We can help protect your business against all insurable business risks:

  • Property loss or damage insurance. This includes assets such as; building, plant, equipment, office or retail fitout and stock.
  • Business interruption insurance. We can insure your loss of profits if natural disasters, fires, flooding or other events interrupt your normal business operation. Your business interruption insurance can also cover additional increased costs as a result of the disruptive event.
  • Vehicle insurance. Whether it’s a single vehicle used for business or a commercial fleet, we can help you secure the right insurance.
  • Professional indemnity insurance. This covers you if you provide advice or designs that may lead to claims against you if things go wrong.
  • Directors' and Officers' Liability. This offers financial protection and legal advice if you are subject to personal litigation
  • Liability insurance manages litigation risks for your business.  It includes products such as; Public Liability, Statutory Liability and Employers Liability.
  • Public liability insurance. This covers you for third party accidental property damage you’re legally liable for.
  • Statutory liability insurance. This covers you for breaches in legislation, e.g. to pay your legal costs if a health & safety issue leads to legal proceedings. This insurance also gives you cover for issues arising from the Resource Management Act and Fair Trading Act.
  • Employer liability insurance. This covers you for accidents and illnesses to employees that aren’t covered by ACC, e.g. legionnaires disease.
  • Business life & health insurance. Protect your business against the potential effect of key people becoming unable to work or to meet the financial obligations of the business.
  • Product Recall Insurance.  Includes extensive consulting, guidance cover in the event of a product being recalled from the market.
  • Cyber Insurance.  A specialist solution which covers costs associated with data breaches.  You also receive expert advice on system security, data recovery, crisis management, public relations and legal.


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