About Crombie Lockwood insurance claims

  • We have a dedicated claims response team available to help you 24-7 on 0800 CLAIM 1 (0800 252 461) . Alternatively, to download a claim form click here.
  • We understand that when you buy insurance you get a promise that there will be financial compensation if things go wrong. When an insured event happens, our Claims Team go in to bat for you to make sure that the underwriter keeps that promise to you and that your claims are settled promptly and fairly.
  • We advise you on how to mitigate loss, 
  • We guide you through the claims process,
  • We help with the paperwork. 
  • We represent your interests to the insurer.

More than 99% of all claims we receive are settled to the satisfaction of our customers. This excellent success rate is the result of us only using reliable underwriters, making sure policy terms are clear and managing the administrative side very effectively.

Plus with our scale and long-term industry relationships, we enjoy direct access to key decision makers in insurance companies to help settle claims.

Insurers like to help us, because we help them too by making sure all claim documentation is perfect and by weeding out inadmissible claims.

Paying on behalf of insurers

In some cases, our sister company Monument pays claims directly on behalf of other insurers, enabling you to get your payout more quickly. They may also step in to help with the assessment of claims.

"At Crombie Lockwood we are committed to making the claims process simple for our clients. We are driven to ensure that every time a person has contact with Crombie Lockwood, they will enjoy an outstanding experience and receive a fair and equitable outcome promptly.”
Myles Noble, Head of Claims and EQ Response


Make your insurance claim

When you’re in a situation that could give rise to a claim, please:

  • Take immediate steps to minimise further damage.
  • Do not admit liability.
  • Contact our claims team on 0800 CLAIM 1 (0800 252 461) or 
  • Email us at claims.team@crombielockwood.co.nz

Alternatively, fill in an interactive online claim form, or download a form, print it out and fill it in by hand.

For claim forms click here