Commercial property insurance

In the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes, commercial property insurance in New Zealand has become much more complex. Owners find it harder to obtain:

  • Well-priced insurance,
  • Insurance cover for 100% of the risk, or
  • In some cases, any cover whatsoever.

Now, more than ever, it makes sense to discuss your property portfolio insurance with the experts at Crombie Lockwood. We not only have the knowledge to give you sound advice, but through our local and international relationships we can find cover at competitive rates when others may not be able to.

Through Crombie Lockwood, you gain access to agreed policy wordings to give you the widest possible cover. This typically includes covers for

  • Natural disasters
  • Fire, flood and accidental damage
  • Breakdown in service machinery such as lifts and air-conditioning systems
  • Loss of rental income
  • Liability risks.

Smartly structured property insurance

Often, solving your property insurance problems require us to restructure the insurance programme, finding either co-insurers to share the risks or devising a layered structure.

Good structuring can open up doors and pricing opportunities in New Zealand and overseas, as well as deliver cost benefits. On the other hand, these complex insurance structures can have pitfalls to be aware of. Drawing on our experience, we can protect you by ensuring that the risk allocation is unambiguously defined and clearly understood.

Excellent property insurance services

Our service to you as property portfolio owner encompasses all areas of property insurance. Beyond advice and effective cover, we can support you with setting premium allocations, premium financing and even premium collection.

Our property insurance clients appreciate the value we add in the management of claims. Crombie Lockwood has developed efficient claims management systems that speed up resolution and balances the needs of all parties, including tenants.

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