Education insurance

Crombie Lockwood has the greatest expertise of educational insurance in New Zealand and can help you obtain insurance that covers your real risks at sensible cost. No wonder that more schools in New Zealand get their insurance through Crombie Lockwood than through any other broker.

This includes insurance for buildings, contents, vehicles, business interruption, liability, life & health, professional indemnity, international student fees, etc.

We have close working relationships with many educational organisations and provide tailored insurance packages to many types of educational institution:

  • schools 
  • teachers
  • principals
  • early childhood education centres
  • international students.

School insurance

School insurance is a complicated field. Some assets are covered by the Ministry of Education and others not, and some are only covered in part.

The danger is that something happens and your school finds out too late that you do not have the cover you thought they had, as so many schools did after the Christchurch earthquakes.

Crombie Lockwood’s educational insurance experts can guide you through this difficult terrain, so that your school can get the insurance cover you need. Because we offer a comprehensive range of insurances, you can organise all your insurance through one broker.

Our Tomorrow’s Schools insurance programme has been developed continuously since 1991 to ensure that the policies, terms and support services effectively address the issues that schools and boards of trustees face. This cover also includes other parties involved with schools, extending all policies held by the board to also indemnify parent/teacher committees, sport and fund-raising committees, and groups formed for specific benefit to the school and endorsed by the board of trustees.

In addition, Crombie Lockwood has developed a special programme called Safer Schools. This is a risk management service offered exclusively with our schools programme to help develop Health & Safety requirements specific to their needs.

Insurance for teachers

Teachers who are part of the Educational Benevolent Society can obtain specially negotiated health insurance and life insurance packages through the society. This insurance provides comprehensive cover at advantageous rates.

Insurance for principals

School insurance provides cover for the school, but not for the principal as individual.

School principals are particularly vulnerable because of the regular changes to the makeup of boards of trustees, their employers. The NZ Principals’ Federation Legal Support Scheme is designed to relieve such concerns by providing principals with immediate access to expert legal assistance when needed.

Nearly 800 school principals in New Zealand already enjoy this cover through Crombie Lockwood.

Early Childhood Centre insurance

Recognising the unique insurance requirements of early childhood centres, childcare centres and pre-schools, we have developed a comprehensive insurance programme called Child Proof. This insurance programme has been specifically tailored for the Early Childhood Centre (ECE) industry, providing a large number of benefits not available with a standard insurance package. It is also very cost effective.

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