Email Security

Please be vigilant with email security. To steal personal information or gain access to bank account details hackers will send out ‘phishing’ emails pretending to be from legitimate and trusted sources such as Crombie Lockwood.

Crombie Lockwood will never ask you:

  • For a login or passwords
  • To make a payment into a different account via email 
  • To download any software
  • To give us remote access to your computer

Things to look out for:

  • Incorrect spelling of Crombie Lockwood in the email address
  • Requests asking you to update or verify your details online
  • An email saying you have won a prize in a draw you never entered
  • A purchase you never made online
  • Any threats of legal action or loss of account
  • Requests for passwords or bank account information

What to do:

  • Delete the email
  • Report it to your broker immediately 
  • Don’t open any attachments or links in an e-mail from an untrusted source
  • Don’t forward or reply to the email

Latest Scam

There has been a case of a domain impersonating a Crombie Lockwood employee and requesting a customer make payments into an alternative bank account. These emails look legitimate but the domain is registered as “Crombe Lockwood”.Emails from this domain appear as “”. Do not respond to such messages or forward them or download any attachments from them.

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