Film & TV production insurance

Nobody provides insurance to more film and TV productions in New Zealand than Crombie Lockwood. As the largest film insurance broker in the country, we offer the most comprehensive film insurance packages available.

Our film insurance specialists can organise comprehensive insurance for your production, be it a short or a feature film, TV series, TVC or doco – local as well as international co-productions.

We source insurance for the specialised covers from around the world to suit your specific production requirements, from the usual cast insurance to negative film risks to equipment cover, including public liability, equipment and production office annual covers.

Insurance for international major studio co-productions

Crombie Lockwood has particular expertise in insuring international co-productions. For any major international feature film shot in New Zealand since the 1980s, there’s every chance our film insurance experts were involved.

Insurance for international co-productions requires knowledge of the industry and an understanding of the requirements and expectations of the studio risk managers and their advisors. Many major film production insurance programmes are placed through studios’ annual programmes which access large USA-based film industry insurers. At the same time, producers require local advice and liaison with the studio risk managers and/or their broker on local covers some of which are specific to New Zealand.

Insurance for all other local screen productions

Production companies working in New Zealand require a wide range of insurances, some of which are unique to the film industry.

  • Pre-production & cast insurance indemnifies the production company against costs or loss in case of accident, illness or death of the specified key members of the cast during filming and, in some cases, before filming.
  • Props, sets and wardrobe insurance provides all risks cover for props, sets and wardrobe owned, hired or on loan to the production.
  • Negative insurance covers the company for reshoot or extra costs incurred as a result of loss of or damage to raw stock, exposed film, digital data, sound stock and recordings.
  • Equipment insurance covers camera, sound, electrical and other equipment owned, hired or on loan to the production and for which the production company is contractually responsible.
  • Motor insurance covers all vehicles owned or rented by the production company. Insurance on rental vehicles is usually lower than the rates offered by vehicle rental companies.
  • Extra expense insurance covers the production for increases in the budgeted production costs resulting from damage to Props Sets Wardrobe and Equipment and studio facilities.
  • Fidelity guarantee insurance provides covers for loss of production funds due to fraud or embezzlement.
  • Money insurance provides cover loss of monies handled by the company.
  • Third party property damage indemnifies the production company for loss or damage to, or destruction of property or facilities of others.
  • Errors and omissions insurance indemnifies the production company for claims arising from libel, slander, plagiarism, infringement of copyright, invasion of privacy, incorrect use of formats, ideas and titles. The policy should take effect from the beginning of shooting, or before.

Liability insurances can include:

  • Employer’s liability insurance to indemnify the production company against claims brought against them by employees following personal injury. Note that people working on a production are often not employees and should carry their own insurances, which is also available through Crombie Lockwood.
  • Public liability insurance to indemnify the production company against claims for negligent acts, made by a third party for damage to property and for which the production company may be found liable.
  • Statutory liability insurance can provide cover for legal costs in defending any prosecutions and also cover reparation orders in respect of health & safety only as distinct from fines and penalties.

Depending on the details of the production, further insurances may be necessary.


We also offer insurance for photographers which includes equipment cover (cameras, sound, electrical etc). 

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For Feature Films, International Co-productions (utilising the major film studios), TV productions, doco's and TVC's, call:

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