Forestry insurance cover

The people at Crombie Lockwood were the trailblazers in forestry insurance cover in New Zealand. The pioneers who brought you the comprehensive STANDsure forest protection plan are still the experts in forestry insurance.

That is why close to 1,000 New Zealand forests are insured through Crombie Lockwood.

You can secure cover for all your forestry risks through Crombie Lockwood. This includes:

  • The trees themselves.
  • Forest infrastructure such as roads and fire fighting stations.
  • Specialist forestry equipment.
  • Liability cover, e.g. if fire spreads to adjoining property.
  • Site clearing and replanting costs.
  • Cover for your liability under the Forest and Rural Fires Act.
  • Claims preparation and salvage costs.

This gives you insurance protection against damage caused by fire, lightning and explosions, as well as wind damage. Cover for earthquake and volcanic eruption damage is also available.

First with wind damage and carbon credit insurance

We recognised back in 2001 that wind rather than fire is the major risk for many forests. Statistics bear this out: On average, insurers get 11 claims for wind damage for each fire damage claim. The wind damage claims tend to be bigger too. One wind event can lay huge swathes of your forest to waste. Toppling, uprooting and stem breakage can cause massive losses.

After the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme, our brokers also were the first to provide forestry owners with cover for lost carbon credits. When the underlying asset is compromised, forest owners need to buy carbon credits to return the NZU (New Zealand Units) to the government. Through Crombie Lockwood, you can insure the value of your NZU.

And you don’t have to own your own forest to take advantage of the forestry insurance available through Crombie Lockwood. As land owner with an interest in the harvest value of trees grown on your property, you have an insurable interest in that forest which we can insure for you.

Access to experts specialist forestry underwriters

With many years experience and a close association with the New Zealand Institute of Forestry, our specialist forestry insurance brokers can give you expert advice.

It is our experience that critically important extensions of forestry insurance cover are often not given proper consideration, leaving forest owners dangerously exposed. For instance, your liability under the Forest and Rural Fires Act can run to millions.

Given that forestry is such a specialised area, many underwriters prefer not to get involved in the industry. Crombie Lockwood offers you exclusive access to specialist forestry underwriters internationally.

Crombie Lockwood can make sure that you get effective insurance cover for your forest. Call Nikki Berney 09 357 4821 or Hollie Craggs 09 357 4862 today to discuss your forestry insurance.


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