Home Insurance is Changing

Home Insurance Policies that were based on ‘replacement value’ by floor area (square metres) will be based on the maximum amount it would cost to rebuild your home, to the same size and quality (Total Sum Insured).

Insurance companies are placing customers in control of setting their own Total Sum Insured for their Home Insurance Policy. Customers will also be responsible for ensuring their rebuild cost (Total Sum Insured) is kept up to date, if renovations, extensions or other changes are made.

At Crombie Lockwood we’re here to help you understand the home insurance changes and will guide you through this process to ensure your home is adequately protected.  We’ve compared industry information and likely re-build cost calculators and have selected NZI’s (IAG) industry-shared calculator and information rich website. need2Know.org.nz/crombielockwood explains all the important points you need to understand complete with videos and visuals will help you arrive at an accurate re-build cost (Total Sum Insured) for your home. Even if you aren’t an NZI customer you can still use this website to help establish your re-build cost, however some information on the website might not apply to you, check with your Broker.  

If this is the first time you have read or heard about home insurance changes we urge you to go through all the information on the website (or talk to your Crombie Lockwood Broker) before using the calculator.  You may also choose to contact a Valuer, Quantity Surveyor or other qualified professional to assist you in setting an appropriate rebuild cost.    

If you’re a Crombie Lockwood client and you’ve received information in the post, by email or your broker has spoken to you about it here’s what to do at a glance:

  • Check the rebuild cost (Total Sum Insured) amount on your Policy Summary (too much, too little or just right?)

  • Click here to calculate your rebuild cost.  Alternatively, consult a valuer, builder or other qualified professional.

  • Talk to your Crombie Lockwood Broker if your rebuild cost amount needs to change.

If you would like to become a Crombie Lockwood client, or need guidance through these changes click here to complete our contact form and a broker will be in touch.

Please note,the calculator is not recommended for homes in excess of 700 square metres, or high value homes where the likely cost of rebuilding would exceed $2 million. In this instance please consult a valuer, builder or other qualified professional.

Home Insurance Guide

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