Insurance for charitable organisations

Charitable organisations operate in an environment that may not always be equally charitable. Commercial realities, legal obligations, criminal activity and natural disasters all pose risks, requiring charities to invest in well-structured insurance.

Crombie Lockwood offers charitable organisations insurance that is tailored to meet their risks.

Apart from standard insurance for material damage, business interruption and vehicle cover, it is important that charities are well covered in terms of liability and indemnity insurances.

General Liability


This protects your legal liability to pay damages to third parties who have suffered property damage or personal injury as a result of your activities. This includes your liability as a tenant, subject to the Property Law Act 2007.

Officers’ Liability


When you serve on the management board of an association or charitable trust, you owe duties under both statute and common law and can be held personally liable not just for your own mistakes, but also for the failings of people on whom you relied. Officer’s liability cover includes defence costs.

Professional Indemnity


Most associations and charities provide services and advice to their members or the general public. Just like any professional business, they can be sued for doing this negligently. It covers the risk of you making a professional mistake (error, act, omission or conduct) which results in a client suffering a financial loss. 

Statutory Liability


This cover pays for the legal defence if you are prosecuted for an unintentional breach of almost any New Zealand Act of Parliament. If convicted, it will also pay your fines, except in respect of the Health & Safety and Employment Act, where indemnification is prohibited by law. However, cover for defence costs is included. 

Employers Liability


This cover defends you against civil actions brought by employees who have sustained an injury in the course of their employment with you. ACC does cover most workplace injuries, however employees retain the right to sue for any injury outside the scope of ACC. For example, exemplary damages, mental injury/stress.

Employment Disputes


This cover protects you against personal grievance claims brought against you by employees or prospective employees, e.g. for wrongful dismissal, discriminination or harassment.



This cover protects you against fraud, theft and embezzlement. It reimburses the business/association for loss of money, securities due to the dishonesty of either employees or outside third parties.

Internet Liability


This cover protects you against actions brought by third parties who claim they have suffered a wrong in relation to the operations of your website or your use of the internet or electronic mail. For example, online defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights or privacy rights.

Criminal Defence Legal Costs


This cover protects against actions brought against yourself, company officers and employees in relation to the Crimes Act 1961, Summary Offences Act 1981, Misuse of Drugs Act 1976 or Transport Act 1962.

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