Insurance for food manufacturers

The risks faced by food manufacturers are unique and typically require a combination of risk mitigation measures and insurance protection.

Crombie Lockwood has extensive experience working with food industry organisations. We arrange effective insurance and provide relevant risk management advice for manufacturers and others operating in the food sector.

One of the major risks faced by food manufacturers arises from the prevalence of EPS (expanded polystyrene sandwich panelling) in food manufacturing facilities. The major other risks are related to the potential exposure to product liability claims, as well as the costs of recall arising out of contaminated or defective product, whether that be accidental or malicious.

Crombie Lockwood specialises in providing food manufacturers with liability insurance that covers the litigation risk associated with defective products, contamination risk and subsequent recall expense and related loss of profit.

Through statutory liability insurance, we provide for expenses such as defence of actions brought against clients under health & safety, environmental and consumer legislation. We also provide cover for directors and senior management through personal liability insurance.

Foodsure liability insurance for food manufacturers

Food manufacturers, importers and distributors can get peace of mind with Foodsure, our complete liability insurance cover specifically for the food supply chain. Foodsure is available to anyone from small artisan food producers to corporate food manufacturing plants.

In addition to the standard liability covers you would expect to see, Foodsure includes covers to protect the company's financial well-being and reputation from risks such as:

  • Product recall,
  • Product tamper,
  • Breach of intellectual property rights,
  • Allegations of breach of GMO regulations,
  • Breach of statute (e.g. the Fair Trading Act) and
  • Compensation for loss of income and extra costs incurred to maintain the business following a liability claim.

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