Insurance for retail chains

You can probably get 90% of the insurance your retail operation needs off the shelf. But it’s that last 10% that can make all the difference. It could be the difference between a claim being paid or not, between your retail business surviving an insurable event or not.

That’s why you need to talk to the retail insurance experts at Crombie Lockwood. Over many decades, some of New Zealand’s largest commercial enterprises have been entrusting their wholesale and retail insurance to Crombie Lockwood.

Our specialist retail insurance services and products cover your:

  • Property
  • Equipment
  • Stock
  • Business continuity
  • Risk management
  • Loss prevention
  • Liability

Because businesses each have such individual requirements, all our retail chain insurance programmes are custom designed. Where the ideal insurance solution isn’t available locally, we find it for you on the global market using our international partners and group companies.

With Crombie Lockwood taking care of your insurance, you can focus wholly on the activities that will make your retail business a success.

Specialist insurance for large retail chains

Through our Crombie Lockwood Corporate team, we provide insurance for some of the largest retail chains in Australasia. Working intimately with retailers of such scale for over 20 years, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the complexities of large scale distribution and retail operations, right down to high street chains.

Chain stores are often exceptionally reliant on a small number of critical functions, e.g. central distribution centres and a robust IT system. At store level, standard systems and procedures can contribute greatly to mitigating risks.

With corporate retailers, our Corporate team provides comprehensive loss prevention and risk management services at the highest level, of which the insurance placement is just one component.

Risk management for retail

Crombie Lockwood has the knowledge and experience to understand how your retail business operates, what insurance is required and what risk management to support the insurance programme. We’ve seen all the problems – fires, floods, earthquakes, accidents, burglary, ram-raids and theft – and can draw on our wide industry experience to identify potential risks to address.

Our comprehensive risk management and loss prevention services can range from input on sprinklers and alarms to protocols for storing flammable or perishable goods and developing operational systems that mitigate risk.

Good risk management not only ensures that your retail business is insurable on competitive terms.

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