Landlord’s insurance

As a landlord, you are exposed to risks that are often not covered by standard insurance. With landlord’s insurance, you can protect yourself against damage caused by tenants, including downstream loss of rental, as well as landlord’s liability.

Landlord’s insurance provides protection for the rental property itself and any contents you had left in the house for tenants to use. If damage caused by tenants is deemed to be malicious rather than accidental, it won’t be covered by standard home and contents insurance – so you need special landlord’s insurance.

In addition, we can offer you financial protection for loss of rental if the house becomes uninhabitable, or in some cases even if the tenant should fail to pay.

Another major area of risk is covered by landlord’s liability insurance. This insurance protects you in case of damage to third party property as a result of something that happened at your property, e.g. a fire spreading to neighbouring property.

Our insurance brokers at Crombie Lockwood have in-depth experience of landlord’s insurance. We can give you good advice and negotiate favourable insurance contracts for you.

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