Life & health insurance

Crombie Lockwood Life & Health provides health, disability and life insurance to people throughout New Zealand – giving them complete financial protection for risks such as becoming seriously ill or disabled, and in case of death.

Our Life & Health brokers are experts in the field and well qualified to provide you with advice. We follow a robust advice process that includes thorough research and analysis, so we can recommend life and health insurance that meet your needs and objectives.

To ensure that your insurance policy remains in step with the changing needs, we make time to review your insurances periodically. Life events such as a wedding, purchase of a home, a new baby, a child leaving home or a change in your health or employment situation usually require adjustments to policy benefits or to your portfolio of life insurance.

High professional standards

Our insurance brokers are Registered Financial Advisers, they are audited throughout the year to maintain and improve service levels and ensure that Crombie Lockwood is operating within legislative boundaries.

When you deal with Crombie Lockwood, we are confident you will get;

  • sound advice
  • excellent insurance products and
  • the respect you deserve.

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