Life insurance for business

Life and health insurance gives you a way to make sure that your business will have funds when an important person in the business can no longer contribute as before.

Health and life insurance is one area where off-the-shelf solutions seldom provide the right cover you need. The insurance needs of your business are as unique as the business itself.

Comprehensive business life insurance

Crombie Lockwood can use life & disability insurance to give you cover for a range of different business risks related to the wellbeing of shareholders or key persons. The main life and health insurance types for business are outlined below.






Debt Protection/ Personal Guarantee Release Insurance


A lump sum to repay debt, e.g. money owed to shareholders via current accounts or release personal guarantees.


The business loses a relevant person to serious illness, injury or death.

Income Protection Insurance


Monthly income 


You cannot work due to illness or injury. 

Key Person Insurance


A monthly benefit and/or lump sum  for replacement and training costs, contract penalties, loss of profits, etc.


The business loses a key person to serious illness, injury or death.

Shareholder Protection Insurance


A lump sum for remaining shareholders to purchase the shares of a shareholder who makes an unplanned exit.


The business loses a shareholder to serious illness, injury or death.


Businesses require a vast range of insurance coverage to protect from the multitude of problems and risks involved in running a business. Our comprehensive range of business life & disability insurance in addition to business life insurance can help to protect you and your business.

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