Mining insurance

Crombie Lockwood is the most active mining insurance broker in New Zealand. Our mining insurance specialists are active in providing comprehensive risk and insurance advice for mining and exploration in New Zealand, as well as international mining operations from Australia to Mauritania and Peru to Finland.

Mining is fraught with risks for the unwary client and the inexperienced broker. Mining has many unique risk characteristics involved in ore recovery, extraction processes and engineering operations. Often it’s the less obvious risks that can create the greatest financial impact for mining companies. It is therefore imperative that mining companies partner with individual brokers who have current international mining risk and insurance capability.

Insurance for the construction of new mining projects

Providing construction insurances for the development of new projects is a particularly complex area of insurance where our Crombie Lockwood Corporate team can add great value to mining enterprises. A good deal of risk relates to the practical completion/project handover stage of the project. It is imperative that this risk, as with all other aspects of the project, are managed by professional mining brokers who have the ability to mitigate risk to your business through a correctly structured insurance programme.

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