New Zealand's Natural Cover Blue Penguin


The world’s smallest penguin stands just over 25cm and weighs in at around 1kg.Their plumage is slate blue with a bright white belly, often described as looking like they’re dressed for a formal occasion in a dress white shirt and tails. They spend much of their time at sea hunting small fish, crustaceans and squid.

They forage for food up to 25km offshore and 70km from their colony. They come ashore under the cover of darkness and live in burrows, natural holes, or crannies where they nest and raise a family. The population and range of the Blue Penguin has declined in unprotected areas but populations are stable or increasing on predator free offshore islands.

Like many of their land-locked cousins the Blue Penguin’s feathers provide camouflage colouring for their environment as well as all-important insulating secretions to maintain their natural cover.

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