• —30/08/13
    A peculiar claim with a great outcome

    Frozen Snapper ruins $64k vehicle.

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  • —22/08/13
    Hall of Fame

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  • —31/07/13
    P-Labs are a growing concern for owners of rental properties and new home buyers.

    There have been several cases in the news where police have detecting P-Labs in rental properties or where new home buyers have suffered from health concerns because unknown to them their property was previously a drug lab or a P users home.  A  NZ Herald article last weekend reported “A specialist clean-up company [is] now being called to an average of one contaminated house a day”.

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  • —24/07/13
    Earthquake Information

    Earthquake Assistance: For information on who to contact, frequently asked questions, and what you can do to prepare for an earthquake click here.

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