A peculiar claim with a great outcome

Frozen Snapper ruins $64k vehicle.

Four months ago in the middle of a busy day, Mark Reihana bought eight frozen snapper from a local fisherman who needed to empty his chiller.

Planning to share them with his neighbours, he put them in his truck and by the end of the day when he got back to Auckland he had forgotten them. He left his ute parked up, snapper and all, and left for a week to work on a job in Queenstown. 

When he returned a week later the smell was seeping out of the vehicle.  Maggots had taken over and the smell of fish was unbearable.

After four months of trying various things to get the smell out of the vehicle to no avail, the vehicle (with the hard work of our claims team) was declared a total loss.  

Mark Reihana on National Radio live yesterday said, “A big thanks to Crombie Lockwood and all their efforts with the insurance company”.

He also commented “We all make mistakes and things happen”.

This was another great outcome from our ‘world famous’ claim team, in particular Keir Scott and Kerrie McFadyen who worked hard to get total replacement for Mark.

Read more about the story here, or click here to hear Mark’s story on Radio New Zealand National.