Drug Lab Rental

How well do you really know your tenants?  If you are a landlord beware.

The article ‘Rent a drug lab’ in the Auckland, North Shore Times reported that six North Shore rental properties have been involved in a multi-million dollar methamphetamine ‘P’ syndicate. “Search warrants carried out on rental homes in Glenfield, Campbells Bay, Castor Bay and Browns Bay last week found more than 600 fully grown cannabis plants, an ounce of methamphetamine and $90,000 cash hidden in one property alone.”  As a Landlord or Agent you need to conduct thorough inspections to ensure drug labs don’t go undetected and to protect your property.  MethMinder is another great way to detect drug labs.

So how do you know if your house is being used as a drug lab?  Not all illegal drug dealers and manufacturers are going to advertise the fact with a pair of sneakers hanging from the telephone wires outside your house and it’s not always the typical stereotypes running these labs. Rather, to go undetected, the tenants may be what you would consider ‘good’ tenants, keeping the place tidy and paying rent on time.   If a lab is detected the cost of restoring the home to a suitable condition to be rented again can be very expensive. “The process of cooking ‘P’ is highly toxic, persistent, and extremely dangerous to health.   Properties used as ‘P’ labs remain hazardous until professionally decontaminated at costs running into the tens of thousands” (methminder.co.nz)

A MethMinder is a revolutionary detection and monitoring system that can detect gases emitted in the ‘P’ cooking process.  If it detects activity it will then send a silent message to the control room.  The monitoring team will then notify your nominated contact and the Police. Of course the ideal scenario is that the presence of a MethMinder will deter tenants from even contemplating cooking ‘P’ in the first place. 

Landlords insurance cover is dependant of your policy.  Reading, understanding and complying with your policy conditions is really important.  If you’re insured under the Crombie Lockwood Personal Lines Facility with NZI, a discount is available on a MethMinder.  Having a MethMinder professionally installed, maintained and monitored will also give you further entitlement under your policy.   If you are unsure what you’re covered for or require more information please contact your broker for advice.