Hawkes Bay Cape Sanctuary volunteer day

Cape Sanctuary is the largest privately owned and funded wildlife restoration project of its kind in New Zealand. 

The sanctuary is situated on three properties on the Cape Kidnappers peninsula; Cape Kidnappers Station owned by Julian Robertson, part of Haupouri Station owned by the Hansen family and Ocean Beach Wilderness Property owned by Andy and Liz Lowe.

Access is by way of 4WD vehicles, the reserve is on private land and is not accessible to the general public. The entire site is ringed by a customised pest control fence, 10km at $250 per metre ( do the math)

Our team of volunteers we were given the task of preparing the nesting boxes for the upcoming winter arrival of various endangered sea birds as the prepare to lay eggs, incubate and then tend to their young. The 120 Nesting boxes are buried in the ground and the entrance and surrounds had become overgrown so the returning birds would struggle to locate them. Our job was to clear the way for them to make their arrival and nest successful

Cape Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is also host to about 60 tuatara, Takahe, endangered wetas and kiwi. The Tuatara coexist with sea birds, at certain times the share the same nesting boxes at different times of the day. The Weta are unique Hawkes Bay Tee wetas found nowhere else in NZ

More info on the Sanctuary go to http://www.haumoana.com/pages/capesanctuary.html