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Health and Safety and Insurance

While there is no specific insurance product available for Health and Safety there are existing liability insurance policies that provide protection; Directors & Officers Liability, Management Liability and Statutory Liability.

Crombie Lockwood has a dedicated team responsible for keeping up to speed with regulatory changes and how those changes might affect insurance policies and insurance cover.

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Directors & Officers, Management Liability and Statutory Liability insurance policies will respond to claims brought for breaches of the new Act and there should be no requirement to make any amendments to the existing policies.

The actual fines remain uninsurable as they have been for some years but insurance is available for any defence costs associated with a prosecution under the new Act and also for any reparations that are awarded.

The legal costs of defending an action may well increase given that the new Act introduces much wider duties that have yet to be tested in court and because significantly more time and expense will be required to examine the validity of claims.

Now is a good time to undertake a review of insurance programmes to ensure sufficient cover is available for the increased exposure.

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Prevention is better than cure - Workplace Risk Solutions

Of course a proactive and participative Health and Safety culture in the workplace is the best form of defence.  This approach will reduce both the likelihood of any accidents and the potential for breaches under the Act.

Workplace Risk Solutions a division of Crombie Lockwood provides Health and Safety risk management services for small to medium-sized businesses.

The team at Workplace Risk Solutions have developed Safety Assist to:

  • Reduce the risk of workplace injuries by ensuring your business has systems and processes for effective management of the risk
  • To minimise the potential Liability exposure of prosecution and penalty in the event of an incident


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For all of your Health and Safety and insurance needs Crombie Lockwood has the answer. The team at Workplace Risk Solutions will work with you to put the right preventions in place and Crombie Lockwood’s insurance policies cover defence costs associated with a prosecution under the Act and also for any reparations that are awarded.  


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