• —11/03/16
    Resilience defined

    As seen in the NBR 11th March 2016, Page 31.

    While recent after-shocks in Canterbury have attracted headlines speculating about what it means for Christchurch and the region the local mood is loud and clear from individuals and companies alike - “business as usual.”

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  • —29/01/16
    The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

    The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has been passed by Parliament and will come into effect on 4th April 2016 replacing the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992.

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  • —18/11/15
    Body Corporate Insurance

    Appeal of shared living brings challenges of looking after common property
    By David Gibbons – Crombie Lockwood Branch Director Christchurch 

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  • —16/10/15
    Event Insurance

    Event Insurance More Important for New Zealand Event Organisers Than Ever
    By Daniel Rosser – Crombie Lockwood Senior Broker 

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