• —07/10/15
    Employee Theft

    Business owners need to be able to trust employees
    By Dennis Sanders – Crombie Lockwood Manager, Christchurch 

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  • —04/09/15
    Irrigation equipment

    Potential pitfalls with irrigation equipment insurance 
    By Gert Stander – Rural Insurance Expert 

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  • —10/08/15
    Classic cars' jump in value may leave them underinsured

    As seen in The Press.

    There probably aren't many people who have owned cars who don't regret selling at least one of them. Not just for emotional reasons but because, if they had hung on to them, they might just be worth a small fortune today.

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  • —24/07/15
    Changing legislation adds to hospitality challenges

    As anyone reading this latest issue of Hospitality Business can see New Zealand’s hospitality industry is in fine health and the public has more world-class dining, drinking and entertainment options than ever before.

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