Who can? Crombie Lockwood can!

Crombie Lockwood was named ‘Supplier of the Year’ to Totalspan at their awards function this month. 

“This is a tremendous privilege as we were up against a number of large New Zealand brands” says, Lance Ryan, Executive Broker in Christchurch. Crombie Lockwood outshone Carters, NZ Steel, Harvey Cameron, Frameteck and Fletcher Aluminium.

Totalspan is a 100% kiwi-owned and operated company that has been around for over 30 years.  Our Christchurch branch currently handles 24 of the 25 franchise owners throughout New Zealand.

Jamie Simpson, Broker and Corinne Price, Broker Support are the account managers for Totalspan and have just gone through a period of increased premiums. To come out the other side with this award is an achievement to be proud of and a clear client endorsement for the great job they do. 

We were named second ranked ‘Supplier of the Year’ for Versatile Homes & Buildings in that franchise vote. The total company has been a client of Lance Ryan’s since 1987.