Our day-to-day operating style

We operate on the simple but demanding premise that your livelihood is our responsibility and we take that very seriously.  Indeed, our Branch Director in Christchurch made the observation after the 2011 earthquakes that;

“…we are not merely here to sell the clients insurance - we’re here to save their livelihoods.”

One of the most valuable day-to-day tools to deliver that virtuous ambition is The RedLine Business Assessment. As you know every business grows; every business accrues unexpected value; every business is dynamic. The problem is that most businesses don’t scale their insurance protection accordingly.

The RedLine Assessment provides the architecture to manage or insure risk on a case by case basis:

  • It brings you face-to-face with explicit exposures, emergent risks and allows us to assess their insurability.
  • It ensures that you are provided the classes of insurance that are crucial to the financial survival of your business.
  • It ‘discovers’ internal changes that your business may be planning or external changes that your business may be subject to and responds accordingly.

The objective is to ensure that we are in command of the facts and through a combination of mitigation, management and prudent covers deliver the sustainable recommendation that your business requires.

Our disciplines and standards

Like every business that has grown as much as Crombie Lockwood has, our operating processes and disciplines are part hard-learned lessons and part pure professional performance.

“…neither we nor our clients settle for the bare minimum.”

The end result is a short list of non-negotiables that drive our standards (a list that pretty much met or exceeded regulated requirements well before they were introduced).

The first of these is a formal ‘Discovery & Declaration’ process that ensures that every element of risk is traversed to protect your interests; and to ensure that we are not professionally compromised by the scope of cover we recommend;

  • The second is the formal recommendation to you that informs and advises. This step is critical to our duty of care and responsibility;
  • The third is the proposal to market that ensures you get what you need; at a price that reflects your risk attractiveness;
  • The fourth is a faultless execution of the programme with at least annual formal reviews.

Regardless of regulation or legislation, a comprehensive and professional performance is the bare minimum in today’s business environment. And neither we nor our clients settle for the bare minimum.