Personal travel insurance

You’ll be able to look forward to and enjoy your holiday travel so much more when you know you have trustworthy travel insurance to cover you for the major travel risks.

Cancelled flights, missing luggage, sickness, accidents... It only takes one of these to upset your holiday plans. You can be stranded in another country without your possessions or, worse, needing medical care. What could be a real worry is that after your travel you can be stuck with massive expenses you didn’t foresee.

Travel insurance can take care of all those worries for you. And not just any travel insurance – you’d be surprised by some of the real travel risks that are not covered by some common travel insurance policies.

Choice of trustworthy travel insurance policies

At Crombie Lockwood, we offer you expert advice and a range of travel insurance policies to suit your circumstances and travel plans.  

Annual Multi Trip Travel Policy


For those who travel abroad regularly, this cost-effective option covers all trips taken during a 12-month period

Single Trip Travel Policy


Comprehensive policy that has high limits with good benefits                                


Our Crombie Lockwood Personal Travel Insurance policy is packed full of benefits such as;

High age limits


Covers up to 85 years of age (conditions apply)

Replacement Value


Replacement value on items up to two years of age 



No depreciation on specified items of jewellery or watches regardless of age

Medical Cover


Automatically covers 53 pre-existing medical conditions

Home Help


Help with household duties upon returning home following an overseas medical claim 

Loss of Income


If you can’t resume work upon returning home following an overseas medical claim 

Domestic Pets


Pet boarding costs covered if an overseas claim delays your return home

Three Plans


Choose from Essentials, Elite or Premium (ranges from basic cover with lower limits to comprehensive cover with higher limits)

Excess Options                                        


$0, $100 or $250

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If you require something that is not covered by these policies, please make an enquiry below and a Crombie Lockwood broker will help you find the best travel solution. 

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