Professional indemnity insurance

If you advise clients or design solutions for them, you run the risk of claims against you if your advice or design turns out to be unsatisfactory. This can happen to the most fastidious and capable of professionals. Even if you’re not at fault, you may have to spend significant amounts on legal fees to prove that the liability isn’t yours.

Good professional indemnity insurance gives you the peace of mind to operate your business confidently, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be covered if any inadvertent mistakes or dissatisfied clients come back to hound you.

Any business or individual providing advice or design to their clients should consider a professional indemnity insurance policy. Our clients include:

  • architects and engineers
  • financial advisors
  • lawyers and barristers
  • real estate agents
  • accountant and actuaries
  • management consultants
  • software and website designers
  • IT consultants
  • property surveyors and valuers
  • project managers.

Professional indemnity experts at your service

Crombie Lockwood has a dedicated team of insurance brokers who take the lead with our professional indemnity insurance, and all our brokers countrywide can draw on their experience. Because we’re specialists, we understand the ins and outs of professional indemnity insurance.

Our brokers have helped clients through hundreds of claims. We regularly share the results with our clients at seminars where we discuss the real issues that have cropped up, with due protection of the identity of our clients. We can also assist with risk management practices where needed.

Directors’ and officers’ liability

Management liability and directors’ liability have come to the fore in recent years, with directors and senior executives of companies increasingly being held accountable for the actions (or acts of omission) of the business.

As many company directors and officers have found out, there are some very real personal risks in occupying leadership positions in business. Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance has become essential for all business leaders.

Crombie Lockwood has vast experience in the field and can advise you on the best business insurance solutions to protect you against the financial outfall of claims made against your officers and company directors.

Telling advantages to working with Crombie Lockwood

Our professional indemnity experts have seen the shortcomings of some policies. They know what you can be covered for and what not. In response, we have drafted special policy wordings for our clients to give them more protection than would be available otherwise.

We’re also very active at claim time, helping our clients achieve the best outcomes.

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