Offer your members special life & health insurance

Taking advantage of our expertise and representatives nationwide, your organisation or society can offer your members special life & health insurance presented under your own banner.

Working with Crombie Lockwood enables you to offer your members advice-based insurance services and customised, endorsed insurance products. And all without you having to invest in specialist resources yourself.

Crombie Lockwood is committed to strong relationships. We use our scale to negotiate advantageous rates and services for large scale membership organisations in New Zealand. We can then deliver those services to members wherever they are.

Why Crombie Lockwood is a good partner for you

Crombie Lockwood bring a demonstrable relationship based business heritage to the table, as well as our market-leading technical skills in the highly specialised life and health insurance sector.

We already provide extensive advice-based commercial insurance services to many thousands of businesses throughout the country and have developed robust processes and methods in all aspects of commercial and personal risk assessment.

We are committed to the principle of strong relationships and have demonstrated this through longstanding partnerships with third party brands, professional associations and affinity groups.

To ensure consistent, accountable relationship management, we would appoint a dedicated Life & Health advisor to operate between you, your representatives, the underwriters and our branches. Our advisor will assist with training and development needs required for the programme and with maintaining the relationship.

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