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Safety Assist - Full Service

Safety Assist is a full-service solution to help your business meet and maintain its health and safety compliance obligations. Initially by identifying the health and safety risks associated with and around what you do and then by working with you to find the best process to manage those risks.  Safety Assist will provide the following outcomes:

  • Initial site inspection/business discovery
  • All relevant health and safety documentation, policies, procedures and forms
  • Emergency preparedness review and emergency contact report
  • Fire and first aid review (including fire action signage for your site)
  • Complete risk register (including initial hazard identification and assessment)
  • Notifiable work requirements
  • A 12-month calendar of ‘to dos’ followed up with a regular check-in call from us

A valuable addition to our Safety Assist service is our incident management support for Notifiable Events.  When there is a Notifiable Event our role is to minimise the potential liability exposure of prosecution and fine.  We'll also assist you throughout the incident management process. 

Safety Assist will: 

  • Help minimise the likelihood of an incident occurring
  • Equip you with the systems and processes to manage risks and exposures
  • Ensure that you manage the impact of business change via a regular review process
  • Respond effectively should an incident occur in order to minimise the impact to your business

All pricing is subject to your acceptance of our Service Level Agreement and the associated Terms and Conditions.

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