Workplace Risk Solutions

Health and Safety consultancy

Our goal is to ensure your business has effective health and safety systems and processes to reduce the risk of harm occurring to your people and to any member of the public.

Should harm occur, our goal is to reduce the risk exposure and potential brand damage to your business. Our experience in risk mitigation and incident investigation following serious harm incidents is second to none.  We provide:


  • On-site consultancy service from an accredited health and safety advisor (for agreed hours per week)
  • On-site training services for staff and management, including health and safety goals, policy and procedures development and internal safety culture reviews
  • Regular safety audits and hazard management, including:  significant hazard identification, hazard control development and hazard review processes
  • Development of site and business specific task and process analysis, job safety analysis, safe operating procedures
  • Incident management and serious harm management. People/contractor management (incl training records, competencies, health monitoring etc)
  • Site-based observation management
  • Health and safety documentation, policies, procedures and forms
  • Emergency preparedness review and emergency contacts report
  • Fire and first aid review (including fire action signage for sites)
  • Risk management database


All pricing is subject to your acceptance of our Service Level Agreement and the associated Terms and Conditions.

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Principal Contractor Management Services

  1. Work Scoping
    1. Initial appraisal of significant hazards and overview of likely risks associated with different options
    2. Development of relevant tender and/or contract information for the principal  
  2. Contractor Qualification
    1. Capability assessment of potential contractors (i.e. for an “approved list”).
    2. Assessment health and safety management and, depending on the scale or significance of the hazards, a detailed appraisal of technical competence 
  3. Contract Award
    1. Develop a job-specific health and safety plan
    2. Assist with completion of hazard assessment and method statements
    3. Agreed detail of lines of communication, responsibilities, accountability, safe systems of work, method statements, use of client services, etc  
  4. Contract Monitoring
    1. Check and ensure contractor performance meets agreed standards
    2. Ensure permit to work or job registration systems, competency requirements and other controls are in place and maintained
    3. Meet as appropriate to plan for and resolve health and safety issues
    4. Principal’s reporting and notification of events (serious harm/notifiable works)
    5. Keep the contractor informed of the results of monitoring  
  5. Post-Contract Review
    1. Concluding review to determine success or otherwise of the contract
    2. Help principal and contractor learn from health and safety performance during the contract

Site Based Observation Management

Site-based observation management is a visual check of the systems-based audit or as a follow up for items marked as Requires Correct (RC) and Non-Conformance (NC). 

This observation management will look at the contractor’s practical application of health and safety against the legislative framework of regulations, codes of practice and common industry practices. 

The format normally includes both a WorkSafe practice check list and safety behaviour comments.