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Monument Premium Funding 

Monument Premium Funding Limited is a related company of Crombie Lockwood that specialises in financing for insurance premiums. 

It is part of a group of international companies owned by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Gallagher Group), an insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

About premium funding

Premium funding is a flexible and convenient alternative to paying insurance premium costs upfront. Monument Premium Funding pays your insurance premiums on your behalf, and you then pay it back over time. Because the loan is secured by the insurance policy, additional security is generally not required.  If you choose to use this service, fees and terms and conditions apply.

Premium funding enables individuals and businesses to pay their insurance premiums in monthly instalments or other agreed intervals. 

The premium funding service provided by Monument Premium Funding can be extended to most types of Crombie Lockwood commercial and domestic insurance policies.

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