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About Crombie Lockwood

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Why use a broker?

Ensuring you’ve bought the right insurance isn’t easy. Getting it wrong could mean the difference between peace of mind and loss of livelihood. That’s where a broker comes in. 

An insurance broker acts as a link between you and insurance companies, and acts on your behalf. They identify your requirements and then search the market to find a product that best suits you. With a broker you get the best advice for you, your family, your lifestyle and your business.

Our brokers are committed to financially positioning you to survive any insurable event, and continuously evolve your insurance as your needs change. 

Who uses an insurance broker?

Our brokers provide advice on insurance for individuals, small to medium-size businesses, corporates, industry bodies, membership organisations, charities and more.  

We have specialist brokers who are expert in specific industries and areas of risk, such as aviation, construction, cyber and marine.

Our brokers also provide insurance advice to the Asian migrant business community, in a range of sectors from tourism and construction through to retail.

Whether it's insurance for you, your family, or your business - we're here to help. 

What training does a broker have?

Crombie Lockwood maintains a strong focus on compliance - and the training and development of our brokers.

We are a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ), New Zealand's professional association for insurance brokers, risk managers and consumers. This requires that our brokers are appropriately qualified, efficient and trustworthy, and observe high standards of professional conduct and care. All IBANZ members must comply with a code of conduct and are subject to an external audit every twelve months.

IBANZ recognises individual members in the form of a “professional status”. We aim to have our brokers meet their Practising Insurance Broker (PIB) status as a minimum. As one of the criteria, our broker must achieve at least ten Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points each year.

For qualifications and continuing education of our brokers we work with The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF)

How are insurance brokers paid?

Our brokers get paid by Crombie Lockwood - not the underwriters. We act for you - and can confidently recommend an insurance programme that meets your needs. 

Like other insurance brokers, Crombie Lockwood's main source of income is commission from the insurances we arrange through underwriters. We may also change service and administration fees to cover the costs to set up and maintain your insurance programme and support our business overheads.

What’s the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent?

An insurance broker acts on your behalf and has access to the wholesale insurance market and a vast number of products and services.

An insurance agent, on the other hand, acts on behalf of one or more insurance companies and can only access their products.

An insurance broker provides you with objective advice and helps you select the right insurance solutions at the best price. Our job is to act in your interests, rather than the interests of the insurance company.

How do I find a broker?

Crombie Lockwood have brokers and branches based across New Zealand. Use our broker search below to find someone local to you or contact us by phone or email.

We will put you in touch with personal, business, and life and health insurance brokers who can help. 


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