Aviation insurance

The expertise required to develop an effective aviation insurance solution is rare in our country and insurance options are often limited. Crombie Lockwood can help you obtain appropriate aviation insurance at competitive rates.

While most local fire & general insurers do not provide cover for the aviation industry, Crombie Lockwood has close ties to local insurers who do specialise in aviation insurance. Tapping into our international partnerships, we also use specialist aviation underwriters in Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, India, etc., as well as Lloyd’s aviation syndicates based in London.


Aviation insurance expertise

Crombie Lockwood provides specialist expertise and customised covers for the aviation industry, including commercial aircraft operators, private aircraft owners, aircraft engineers and airport authorities.

Aviation insurance includes cover for damage to the insured aircraft, damage to third party property caused by the aircraft, injury to crew and/or passengers and many of the varying liability exposures specific to the aviation industry.

We can help you with standard or customised cover for rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft, including:

  • Aircraft hull and/or liability 
  • Hangarkeepers’ liability (airport owners & operators)
  • Aerial applicators liability 
  • Statutory liability 
  • Punitive & exemplary damages
  • Crew and/or passenger personal accident insurance;
  • Loss of license insurance.

Airport owners’ & operators’ liability insurance

Airport owners’ & operators’ liability insurance (also known as hangarkeepers’ liability) gives you cover for the liability risks associated with owning airport or aerodrome buildings. It also provides cover if you service or maintain third party aircraft or sell aircraft products to third parties.

This aviation liability insurance provides cover for

  • damage to third party property, 
  • damage for third party aircraft in your care, custody or control and 
  • damage to the aircraft due to faulty parts or faulty service and/or repair.


To discuss your insurance requirements and receive helpful advice, call Chris Pyle, Manager - Aviation on +64 (0)3 339 5234 or Michelle Robb, Broker Support - Aviation on +64 (0)3 339 5240.

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