Business interruption

When you suffer a business interruption, the financial loss can be more devastating than the physical loss.

Any business or property owner  generating income from physical assets still has financial obligations that continue, even if an interruption to your business has a negative impact on your turnover.

Crombie Lockwood can provide you with Business Interruption insurance (or business continuity, as it is also known) to ensure that you minimise the financial impact where an interruption to your normal business operations occurs following a physical loss to your business assets. 

What business interruption insurance provides

Business Interruption insurance is designed to help you to carry on through the event and after the damage has been repaired. It funds your increased operational expenses and injects lost profits into your balance sheet.

Business interruption insurance makes sure you have the necessary funds to:

  • Maintain your income stream while your doors are closed
  • Pay for additional expenses, e.g. temporary premises or additional costs to source product
  • Advertise to let customers know that you have moved to a new location or any other effects of the business interruption
  • Meet financial obligations to the bank, shareholders and staff

How business interruption insurance helps you

Having good Business Interruption insurance from Crombie Lockwood means:

  • Your business survives should an unforeseen event strike, you retain customers and can trade when the assets are replaced or repaired
  • You have peace of mind, knowing  your business can continue to meet its obligations
  • You’re more likely to get support from your financial partners, because they know their investment is protected
  • You get expert advice and funding in the preparation of your claim
  • Your profits are preserved and you can meet the financial returns expected by stakeholders

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