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Cyber insurance for schools

In today’s environment every organisation, irrespective of its size, relies heavily on technology and web connectivity to operate. All managers, executive officers and principals should ask themselves "what impact would there be on our school if our computer network security was compromised? And how would we deal with it?" Here are some of the things schools should consider:

  • If a breach on your network got into the press, how would you rebuild your school community’s confidence?
  • Staff are your greatest asset and your main exposure to risk. They can accidentally introduce malware or viruses through opening emails or by using their own devices on your network.
  • Criminals now use social media engineering to profile organisations so they can target individuals with credible e-mails from ‘realistic’ sources. For example, an email allegedly from the Chair of your Trustees to an admin manager requesting a (fraudulent) payment is made.
  • There are several examples of schools in New Zealand being used as Botnets and having their networks fall victim to foreign criminals. Usually after the event, which in itself causes disruption, the network is left disabled to hide the perpetrator’s trail.
  • Unfortunately, the smartest students sometimes choose to demonstrate their talents in annoying ways! The school’s network is a potential target for junior ‘hacktivists’.

Network security must be your first line of defense but if it should be breached where do you stand? Do you have a plan of how you would respond to a serious event?

Traditional insurance policies do not provide cover for many of these risks, but cover is available through Cyber Insurance. The 24/7 expert assistance provided by a cyber insurance policy can help your business survive a cyber attack or incident.


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