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Early childhood business insurance

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Early childhood business insurance

We've been working with the early childhood sector for over twenty years, and currently arrange insurance for more than 2000 childcare centres, kindergartens and playcentres. 

We offer insurance solutions to cover the diverse risks associated with managing early childcare businesses. We work with: 

  • early childhood centres
  • kindergartens 
  • out of school care
  • recreation programmes
  • home-based care 

Child Proof 

Child Proof is an insurance package specifically designed by Crombie Lockwood for early childhood businesses. It provides cover for liability, business interruption and property risks, with additional options and benefits available. 


Insurance for:

  • Buildings 
  • Plant
  • Stock  
  • Replacement of electronic items up to 10 years old
Business interruption

Business interruption insurance can minimise the financial impact on your business, if an interruption to normal operations occurs after a physical loss of business assets. It’s designed to help you carry on through the event and after the damage has been repaired.


Child Proof includes cover for a  range of management liability risks.

Management liability insurance can protect your business and assets if a director or manager conducts illegal or unethical practices that result in losses.

Management liability insurance includes directors’ and officers’ liability, trustee liability and employment disputes.

Criminal defence costs are also included.

Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance helps your business manage and recover from a cyber event such as a virus, ransomware or malware infection, loss of data and privacy breaches. 

Additional options and benefits

Some of our additional cover options and benefits include:  

To find out about more insurance solutions for your childcare business speak to a broker. 

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Property claims

For all property claims: 

  • Phone us on 0800 252 461 to report your loss, or if you would like to talk to a claims specialist
  • For urgent out of hours assistance phone 0800 252 461 and push option 1 to talk to our afterhours team
  • Our claims team will email or text you a link so you can view and complete a property claim form online

In case of damage:

  • take steps to make the area safe
  • take steps to prevent further damage
  • take photos of the damage
  • for water damage to carpet call Chemdry on 0800CHEMDRY and let them know you are insured by Vero through your Crombie Lockwood broker

In case of theft or loss of property the insurer will require: 

  • proof of ownership
  • police report or file number
  • quote to replace with like-for-like item 

This information can be compiled and submitted within your online claim form or supplied separately after reporting your claim.

Motor claims

For motor vehicle claims: 

  • Phone 0800 837 648 and quote your policy number 'ECC...'
  • Damage to windscreens does not require a claims form. The insurer's preferred suppliers are Novus and Smith and Smith, who only require your policy number for repairs.
  • The insurer can provide a list of approved repairers.
Liability claims

For all liability claims: 

It's important that you do not make any admission of liability as this might impact your claim.

For employment disputes please follow the procedure below and contact our claims department on 0800 252 461 to advise of any situation that could potentially lead to a staff grievance.

Employment disputes

Where an employment issue arises that may lead to a claim you must notify us: 

It is a condition of the liability policy that you must seek advice from an employment law specialist before any action is taken. Failure to do so may result in a claim not being covered. Employment issues include: performance and competency concerns; disciplinary and misconduct issues; dismissals; and harassment allegations.

The Early Childhood Council provides members advice on employment matters through their helpline 0800 742 742 and is an accepted alternative to law practitioners. 


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