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Early childhood business insurance

Early childhood business insurance claims - Covid-19

To make a claim under your early childhood business insurance policy for the centre closure period that began on 24 March 2020, please email our claims team and include the information listed below.

Contact details  

  • Contact name  
  • Early childhood business name:  
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email 

Financial details 

To ensure that your claim is handled promptly, please supply the following information immediately: 

  • Copy of your most recent annual accounts 
  • Details of parents fees (preferably calculated for each week of the period in Level 3 and Level 4 – it is not essential to supply children’s names)
  • Details of any parents fees paid during Level 3 period.
  • Complete the Insurance Assessment Worksheet from the Early Childhood Council website. (To access the worksheet, log in to the ECC website, go to Covid-19 resources for ECC members and download the ‘Insurance Assessment and Cash flow Model’)
    • An assessment worksheet is required for each property, but please check with assessor if you have a large number of centres as they may be able to come to an agreement on how best to prepare the larger entities
  • WINZ subsidies must be entered into the assessment worksheet as WINZ is paying the full subsidy through the grant process
  • Copy of your lease agreement if you do not insure the building (required for each property if you have multiple locations)
  • Landlords - please supply a copy of your lease agreement for each property and your financial records showing rent due for the closure period
  • Early childhood business bank account details. (If possible please provide evidence of the bank account via deposit slip or screenshot of account details taken from your banking app or internet banking)
  • Any other details you wish to include.  

What to expect from your claim

Once you have submitted all the information an assessor will be in contact within 10 working days to review your claim information with you, and to arrange a payment for the Level 4 and Level 3 closure period. If your claim is urgent, please contact us to discuss. 

Your assessor may contact one of your key stakeholders ie a landlord, in relation to an aspect of your claim and will only be done with your permission.

For any enquiries or concerns about your claim or the claims process please email claims.team@crombielockwood.co.nz.

If you have already received a progress payment please check that you have submitted all the information above so your claim can be progressed.