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Early childhood business insurance

How to claim for Auckland early childhood centre August closures 

To make a claim under your early childhood business insurance policy for the early childhood centre closure period beginning 12 August 2020, please provide the information listed below. 

To make a claim

Please email our claims team on claims.team@crombielockwood.co.nz and include the information listed below.

Contact details  

  • Contact name  
  • Early childhood business name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email 

Financial details

  • Evidence of the parents' fees for the 4 weeks prior to closure on 12 August 2020 – any WINZ payments need to be separated out from the parents' fees.
  • If centre remained open in Level 3 for children of essential workers, then provide details of parents' fees that were maintained.
  • If you did not submit a claim for the March 2020 closure, or if your bank account has changed since the previous claim, please supply evidence of bank account details. This must be the business account, not a personal account.
  • Details of any rent abatement agreed with your landlord for closure beginning 12 August 2020. 

Next steps

We will send through notification of the claim to the insurers' claims team. Insurers will appoint an assessor to review the claim. Where possible they will use the same assessor who handled the March 2020 closure (if applicable).

  • Assessors will review information provided and use the original claim information (if applicable) to estimate savings and any rental abatement. 
  • Assessors will advise if any further information is required, but in most cases the above information will be sufficient.
  • Assessors will prepare a draft calculation and send to you, copying in our claims team for your review and agreement.
  • Calculation will be for the period 14 August 2020 – 26 August 2020 at this stage (this allows for a 48 hour deferment period) and is conditional on closure being extended to 26 August 2020. 
  • As Government are reviewing whether this period will be shortened on 21 August 2020 we will not issue payments until we have confirmation that the closure period will extend to 26 August 2020 – so payments would be issued from 21 August 2020 onwards.


Further information