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Forestry insurance

STANDsure forestry insurance

STANDsure is a comprehensive and innovative forestry insurance plan providing owners, investors, managers and consultants with a level of protection needed to protect standing timber. 

With the scope of cover and simplicity of the product, STANDsure leads the way in insurance for the insurance for the forestry sector. Our experienced brokers have access to specialist forest underwriters and products, and can also arrange cover for carbon credits and liability cover to protect your business investment.

What STANDsure covers

Our STANDsure forestry solution offers the following protection:

  • Cover for fire, lightning and explosion, impact and malicious damage
  • Cover for wind 
  • Policy can extend to include earthquake and volcanic eruption
  • Ability to include cover for carbon credits (NZUs) even if the plantation is 'carbon only'

STANDsure also includes insurance for additional costs and expenses associated with

  • Site clearing and replanting costs
  • Infrastructure damage
  • Firefighting costs you may incur 
  • Claims preparation costs, including costs associated with managing salvage operations

You can select the amount of cover for each of these additional extensions to the standard policy.

Help with forestry insurance

We know that many small forest owners either have no insurance cover in place for their trees or they insure their forests for fire cover only. Wind damage is a greater risk than fire in terms of loss frequency and total cost of claims.

Insurance should be arranged for the full value of the forest, enough to properly compensate the owners if their investment is lost or delayed in reaching maturity through loss or damage.

If you don't arrange formal valuations of your forest, it is important to regularly adjust the values to reflect growth and any changes in exchange rates, log prices and other factors that might affect the financial risks facing you as the owner or investor.

Our specialist brokers are here to help, and work alongside a dedicated claims support team to assist our forestry customers. If you need to make a claim, we’ll do it on your behalf and work through to settlement. Contact us to find out more about forestry insurance cover, and protect your growing investment.  

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