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Workplace risk solutions

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Health and safety insurance

Businesses need to have both a proactive and participative health and safety culture in the workplace and the right insurance cover for any potential breaches of legislation. 

Our workplace health and safety specialists have experience and expertise in health and safety regulatory changes. They know how those changes might affect insurance policies and insurance cover.


While there is no single or specific insurance product available for health and safety, the good news is there are existing liability insurance policies that provide protection.

The insurance package and policies we offer cover defence costs associated with a prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and any reparations that are awarded.  Under the Act however, actual fines remain uninsurable.

For more information about health and insurance liability options contact us.

Workplace risk management solutions

We believe that workplace culture with a company-wide focus on safety is the best form of defence against potential breaches under the Health and Safety at Work Act. To support businesses, we provide specialist health and safety risk management services and solutions for a broad range of industries across New Zealand including education, manufacturing, distribution, construction, retail, not-for-profit and local government.

We have developed programmes and risk management training to: 

  • reduce the risk of workplace injuries by ensuring your business has systems and processes for effective management of the risk
  • minimise the potential liability exposure of prosecution and penalty in the event of an incident
  • assess and mitigate risk

We work with you to put the right prevention systems and processes in place to reduce the risk of harm occurring to your people and the public. Contact our workplace risk solutions specialists today.

Services and solutions include:

  • Safety Assist - Our full-service health and safety solution ensures your business has effective systems and processes in place to reduce the risk of harm occurring to your people and the New Zealand public.
  • Safety Assist JumpSTART – For organisations that need to get their health and safety systems kicked off – or back on track
  • Health and safety consultancy  - Our experienced health and safety specialists deliver a range of services including safety audits, process improvement and site-based observation management
  • Risk management training – Personalised health and safety training for your organisation

We’ll work with you to ensure the health and safety systems your business need are in place and operating to required standards.

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Working together to protect what matters

Our specialist brokers work with you to find the right insurance solution for your business risks.

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