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Health and safety

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Health and safety consultancy

Our goal is to ensure your business has effective health and safety systems and processes to reduce the risk of harm occurring to your people and any member of the New Zealand public.

Should harm occur, we work to reduce the risk exposure and potential brand damage to your business.

Our workplace health and safety consultants provide risk management services and support to small to medium businesses across New Zealand. We tailor solutions to your organisation’s needs, and we can travel to where you want us to be.

Why use health and safety consultants?

For many businesses, creating and maintaining a safe workplace is challenging. Many don’t have the time, skills, staff, resources or expertise to put sound health and safety procedures in place.

Whatever your business, sound risk management procedures are essential. We work with you to identify and quantify the specific risks associated with your business and then make decisions about how to manage and mitigate those risks.

We have clients from all industries in New Zealand including, education, manufacturing, distribution, construction, retail, not-for-profit and local government and we specialise in working with small and medium sized businesses.

What health and safety consultancy covers

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to support your business needs:

  • Onsite consultancy service from a health and safety advisor for an agreed number of hours per week.
  • Onsite training services for staff and management, including health and safety goals, policy and procedures development and internal safety culture reviews.
  • Regular safety audits and risk management, including; risk identification, risk control development and risk review processes.
  • Development of site and business specific task and process analysis, job safety analysis, safe operating procedures.
  • Incident management and notifiable event management.
  • People/contractor management, including training records, competencies, health monitoring etc.
  • Health and safety documentation, policies, procedures and forms.
  • Emergency preparedness review and emergency contacts report.
  • Fire and first aid review, including fire action signage for sites.
  • Risk management database tools.
  • Site-based observation management.

We can provide a WorkSafe practice checklist and provide safety behaviour comments. We can look at contractors’ practical application of health and safety compared against the legislative framework of regulations, codes of practice and common industry practices. 

For more information about our workplace health and safety risk management services contact us. We’ll work with you to ensure the health and safety systems your business need are in place and operating to required standards.

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Working together to protect what matters

Our experienced health and safety risk specialists work with businesses to put systems and processes in place that reduce the risk of harm occurring, and minimise liability exposure should an incident occur. 

To learn more about our risk solutions and services get in touch. 

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