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Marine hull and liability insurance

Marine hull and liability insurance covers damage or loss to the vessel, including its machinery and equipment, as well as legal liability to any third party due to negligence related to the vessel’s operations or the actions of masters or crew.

With our extensive experience in marine hull and liability insurance, our specialists can give you expert advice and guidance on getting the best cover for your financial needs.

Who needs marine hull and liability insurance?

Private and commercial vessel owners and operators, and associated businesses may require hull and liability insurance, including: 

  • Shipping owners and operators
  • Fleet owners
  • Ferry operators
  • Charter and tourist boat operators
  • People or businesses with loans on vessels
  • Tug and work boat handlers

What marine hull and liability insurance covers

Marine hull insurance covers accidental loss or damage to boats used for commercial purposes; it includes salvage costs, and third party liability cover.

  • Vessels insurance covers accidental loss or damage to the vessel anywhere in the agreed navigational limits set by the policy. Valuation and a survey of the vessel is usually required for this insurance and an agreed value reached. The experience of the skipper is an important factor in rating the insurance.

  • Liability insurance can be underwritten as an extension to the hull insurance or as a stand-alone cover. The limits selected for liability will vary based on vessel type, use and territorial limits. It should be sufficient to cover cargo liability, salvage or removal of wreck costs, pollution risk and specific crew/passenger related liabilities.

  • Ship repairers liability can cover the legal liability ship repairers face for loss and damage occurring while a vessel or craft is in their care, custody or control.  It also applies when a vessel is being moved within the limits of the port where work is being done and while in transit to or from a specialist repairer or manufacturers’ premises.    

  • Ship builders risk protects vessels under construction or conversion; cover is provided against all risks of physical loss or physical damage. It also allows for launching, sea trials and liabilities arising out of the build.

Help with marine insurance

Our marine specialist have over 40 years' experience with marine broking and underwriting, and extensive expertise in marine-affiliated policy. We maintain strong relationships with the Marina Operators Association (MOA) and look after many of the privately-owned marinas throughout New Zealand. 

Our long-standing relationships, and our international connections through Gallagher, keep us up to date with changes in the marine industry, and enables us to secure market-leading cover for our clients. 


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