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Business insurance

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Insurance schemes for your sector

When it comes to insurance, trying to lump together one insurance plan to cover every business would be just plain foolhardy. We understand that every sector has specific needs and risks, so we work with industry bodies and associations to develop insurance programmes that offer excellent value and the right custom protection for the industry.

Having worked with New Zealand enterprises for many years, chances are we have already devised specific insurance cover for your line of work. We may have already worked with clients with similar business profiles.

Make the best use of our experience

At Crombie Lockwood, we have extensive experience across a range of industries and work with businesses of all types and sizes. Through hundreds of conversations with New Zealand businesses we have gained valuable insights which help us develop the smartest comprehensive cover on the market which we can tailor to suit you.  

With our market scale and relationships, we negotiate excellent terms for your business sector, often with our own policy wordings to give you extra protection.

Insurance schemes

Owning a business that operates in a specific industry means that you most likely have unique insurance needs. As an association member of your industry, you may also be eligible for our advantageous insurance packages and rates.

We currently have national and local insurance schemes in place for a diverse range of sectors. Examples include:

Contact us to learn about opportunities for coverage in your line of work. Or if you work for an industry body talk to us about your insurance programme that can benefit your members. 


Working together to protect what matters

Our specialist brokers work with you to find the right insurance solution to protect you and your business.