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Liability insurance

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Internet liability insurance

Internet liability insurance protects you against actions brought by third parties who claim they have suffered a wrong in relation to the operation of your website or your use of the internet or email.

Internet liability insurance is recommended for any business that sends and receives information by email, has a website, downloads documents or holds personal and sensitive data.

What internet liability insurance covers

Internet liability insurance is usually an extension of another liability policy.

It protects you against claims of online defamation or infringement of various intellectual property and privacy rights.

It also provides protection against:

  • spreading a virus or malicious code
  • computer theft, extortion
  • or any unintentional act, mistake, error, or omission made by your employees while performing their job

A key benefit of an internet liability policy is 24/7 access to expert help. Professional support is available to restore your network, to identify and extract viruses and there is cover for the cost of staff to re-key lost data, the customers’ business interruption costs and solicitor expenses.

We also offer cyber insurance solutions, or our brokers can work with you to create a package that incorporates internet liability insurance. And if a claim does arise, we will act as your advocate to ensure it is resolved fairly and promptly.

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Claim example

A nursery received an email from a garden centre requesting an increased order of herbs. The email contained a new virus. Unknown to the nursery, all emails they subsequently sent to customers and suppliers also contained a virus. It was an hour before a receiving system identified the virus and notified the nursery – but by this time three customer systems had been compromised.

The nursery’s internet liability policy paid for external IT consultants to identify and extract the virus, the cost of overtime necessary for customers’ staff to re-key lost data, the customers’ business interruption costs and solicitor expenses.