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Business insurance

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Life and health insurance for associations

One of the most important member benefits that any association can provide is access to tailored insurance products and services that provide the right level of protection at great prices, supported by outstanding personal service.

Having the right insurance program in place is critical to ensure the long term sustainability of a business or practice, as well as helping to protect the professional reputation that your members work so hard to establish.


How it works

We use our scale to negotiate advantageous rates and services for large scale membership organisations in New Zealand. We can then deliver those services to your members wherever they are.

This means you can offer your members advice-based insurance services and customised, endorsed insurance products without you having to invest in specialist resources yourself.

The insurances can be presented under your name and branding.

Insurance solution for membership associations

By taking advantage of our expertise and representatives nationwide, your organisation or society can offer your members special life and health insurance.

Your members can have quicker access to private hospitals and help with the costs of non-urgent medical procedures. You can also offer cover for specialists, hospital and surgical procedures.

Life insurance lets you provide members with life, disability or medical insurance so their families are financially provided for in case of a serious medical event.

While you can’t control what happens to your members in life, you can make the bad times easier.

How we work with you

We’re committed to strong relationships. We already provide extensive advice-based commercial insurance services to many thousands of businesses throughout the country and have developed robust processes and methods in all aspects of commercial and personal risk assessment.

Our life and health brokers will work with you to create a tailored, cost-effective insurance package. To ensure consistent, accountable relationship management, we would appoint a dedicated life and health adviser to operate between you, your representatives, the underwriters and our branches. Your broker will assist with training and development needs required for the programme and with maintaining the relationship.



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