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Marine insurance

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Marine cargo insurance

Marine cargo insurance is the oldest form of insurance in the world.

Cargo insurance insures property while in transit against loss or damage caused at sea - as well as associated land and inland waterways.

Loss or damage could be due to a range of risks such as dock strikes, rogue waves, heavy seas, loss of refrigeration or even earthquakes impacting containers on land. 

Who needs marine cargo insurance?

You need marine cargo insurance if:

  • you ship cargo overseas or in New Zealand, and risk loss through damage or loss of your products.
  • you could be liable for your shipment causing damage to others.
  • you suffer a loss of profit related to an event covered by a policy extension.

Marine cargo insurance options

We can cover cargo moving anywhere in the world just once, or on an ongoing basis. You have the choice of:

  • marine open cover, to cover all shipments undertaken annually in New Zealand, worldwide or both.
  • individual policies taken for one-off or infrequent shipments.

In the speciality area of marine cargo insurance difficulty arises with pinpointing where responsibility passes between parties. We usually ask to review the terms of sale before a contract is signed, so we can assist with mitigating your risk even at an early stage. If this is not possible, we can structure your marine cargo insurance in such a way that it covers your risk under the agreed terms of sale.

Help with marine insurance

Our marine specialist have over 40 years' experience with marine broking and underwriting, and extensive expertise in marine-affiliated policy. We maintain strong relationships with the Marina Operators Association (MOA) and look after many of the privately-owned marinas throughout New Zealand. 

Our long-standing relationships, and our international connections through Gallagher, keep us up to date with changes in the marine industry, and enables us to secure market-leading cover for our clients. 


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With decades of experience in the industry, we understand how to get your domestic and international marine insurance sorted.

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