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Principals' Federation legal support scheme

Principals’ Federation legal support scheme

Employment law has become progressively more complex, requiring comprehensive legal expertise and experience. The Principal’s Federation legal support scheme is there to makes sure that, as a school principal, your job and reputation are both secure.

Why do principals need the support scheme?

No matter how well a principal thinks he or she gets on with the Board of Trustees, the principal is always at risk of a change in attitude as membership changes.

Your employment is a major part of your life and, as such, problems or difficulties with your job can provide significant stress and anxiety.

Common issues for principal arise from difficulties with the Board of Trustees or complaints from parents or staff. The Board is always entitled to investigate any genuine concerns it has about a principal's conduct or performance.  Investigations all need to be conducted properly and Principals must have confidence that any findings are justified and reasonable but situations are not always straightforward. 

What does the legal support scheme cover?

The Principals’ Federation legal support scheme provides immediate access to expert legal assistance when needed.

A hotline facility gives principals direct access to a qualified lawyer for support on all matters relating to their employment. Telephone advice can often solve a problem before it escalates, but, if required, legal advice and representation from a qualified employment lawyer is also available.

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