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Principals’ Federation legal support scheme

The New Zealand Principals' Federation (NZPF) legal support scheme assists members with legal fees and advice.

Legal support can help reduce the risk of employment disputes, one of the most frequent types of insurance claims we see from schools.

When might principals need legal support? 

Common issues for principals arise from:

  • difficulties with the Board of Trustees
  • complaints from parents
  • complaints from staff
  • employment disputes due to restructures, performance, disciplinary processes etc.

Boards are entitled to investigate any genuine concerns they have about a principal's conduct or performance.  Investigations need to be conducted properly, and principals must have confidence that any findings are justified and reasonable.  

What does the legal support scheme include?

The Principals’ Federation legal support scheme provides immediate access to expert legal assistance when needed.

  • Legal hotline - Principals receive up to an hour of free specialist legal advice from Anderson Lloyd Lawyers on any one issue for matters relating to their employment, whether or not these involve potential legal proceedings. Telephone advice can often solve a problem before it escalates, but, if required, legal advice and representation from a qualified employment lawyer is also available.
  • Legal fees  - The scheme covers legal representation costs up to $25,000 (incl GST) for any employment dispute between the principal and their employer (other than the fixing of conditions of employment), or for any legal proceedings arising directly from the principal's employment including any criminal prosecution (subject to exclusions in the agreement).

For more details about accessing the scheme see the NZPF website.

Expertise in education sector insurance  

Crombie Lockwood has been working with the New Zealand education sector for over 25 years. We arrange insurance, and provide advice and support to early childhood businesses, schools, principals and more. Contact a broker for more information. 

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