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Schools insurance

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Safer Schools programme

Safer Schools is a risk management service to help schools develop their health and safety programmes. It keeps your school safe by making sure everything complies with health and safety regulations, protecting your trustees, management and wider volunteer community from penalty consequences.

We are one of New Zealand’s most involved and experienced educational insurance advisers.

More schools in New Zealand get their insurance through Crombie Lockwood than through any other broker.

Health and safety requirements are specific to each and every school. We provide tailored insurance packages to many types of educational providers including:

What does Safer Schools cover?

The Safer Schools programme is provided by our workplace risk solutions specialists who provide health and safety risk management services for business across a range of industries.

The programme:

  • supports schools to achieve and maintain the Ministry of Education’s Health and Safety Code of Practice, as well as comply with all health and safety legislation and regulations
  • provides a complete health and safety review of the systems in your school, including a site visit and review if required
  • provides an updated health and safety manual, including all policies and procedures, forms and templates
  • carries out monthly calls to ensure your school is meeting all scheduled health and safety requirements, assisting with any problems or issues you may have 
  • offers 0800 phone support for health and safety guidance and process assistance
  • provides access to Safety Assist – an online services allowing up-to-date management and knowledge of all health and safety related matters.

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