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Liability insurance

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Trustees’ liability insurance

Trustees liability insurance provides cover against allegations that a trustee, trust secretary or other officer has committed a wrongful act in carrying out their duties.

Being a trustee comes with a lot of duties and responsibilities.

Whether you are the custodian of a large trust, managing a family company, overseeing an owned property, sitting on the board of a public or private foundation, there are bound to be disagreements that could be the cause of potential liabilities for you. 

Who needs trustees’ liability insurance?

Any person who serves as a trustee or is a secretary or other officer of a trust needs liability cover.

Trusts come in many shapes and sizes, presenting their trustees and service providers with a variety of duties.

One thing trusts all have in common, is that trustees can be held legally accountable for any decisions that they make and for any services provided.

What trustees’ liability insurance covers

Trustees’ liability insurance can provide cover for:

  • Individual trustees and corporate trustees (if declared)
  • Judgements and settlements
  • Fidelity cover to protect trust assets against theft or fraud by a trustee
  • Defence costs
  • Costs to appear at inquiries or investigations
  • Investigations of workplace injuries


Help with trustees’ liability insurance 

Our brokers can work with you to develop an insurance liability package that meets the needs of your business. And in the event of a claim they'll advocate on your behalf to help get a fair and prompt result.

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